a lifetime of distrust and betrayal
how did one overcome such things?

Mia Jane Dearden. AKA: Speedy. AKA: Awesome. AKA: The cool Speedy for always.

Eighteen years old resident of Star City California. Currently living with the rest of the arrows in their crazy house.

Hufflepuff Powerpuff Girl

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I did not ask for this life I was given, but it was given to me none the less. and with it I did my best.

Ok so someone posted this (actually the content source did obviously) and IDK I want to do drabbles off of it, but I’m not sure how I would do that. Like say pick something from each catagory or that would get too much. Maybeee like go on some randomizer site or something? BUT IDK I just think this is awesome D:

  1. thepeoplevspencer said: OOC: There are dice roll randomizers out there (as at the instructions on the graphic), soooo that’d work!
  2. fearbegone said: ;alskdfj I NEED THIS TO LIVE.
  3. kylewithenvy said: use chatzy! it has a dice roll feature!
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