a lifetime of distrust and betrayal
how did one overcome such things?
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Mia Jane Dearden. AKA: Speedy. AKA: Awesome. AKA: The cool Speedy for always.

Eighteen years old resident of Star City California. Currently living with the rest of the arrows in their crazy house.

Hufflepuff Powerpuff Girl

RP account for The Justice Lounge Roleplay. <3

I did not ask for this life I was given, but it was given to me none the less. and with it I did my best.

// rawr ok I’m having interwebz problems guys like idek what is going on and I murderhate posting on mobile ugh. so yeah if I don’t really talk much that’s why. I guess we’ll call the internet guys on Monday since it’s the weekend. SIGH.


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oodelollie replied to your photo
Honeybunch that’s so pretty! Is this your “shopping for apartment decor” outfit?

It’s my “I’m gonna negotiate the shit outta that price at the flea market” outfit.