a lifetime of distrust and betrayal
how did one overcome such things?
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Mia Jane Dearden. AKA: Speedy. AKA: Awesome. AKA: The cool Speedy for always.

Eighteen years old resident of Star City California. Currently living with the rest of the arrows in their crazy house.

Hufflepuff Powerpuff Girl

RP account for The Justice Lounge Roleplay. <3

I did not ask for this life I was given, but it was given to me none the less. and with it I did my best.



You’re such a nerd.

I’m a geek!  Kate’s a nerd.  Trust me, we had a long discussion about this.  Ask her for a detailed, little-known fact about Doctor Who or MST3K and she’ll answer you in record time.  Ask me about Transformers or TMNT and I’ll just be like. Oh man.  So cool.  Action figures!  And I got this great ashcan.

See there’s a difference!

Haha omg. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?? What are you ten?


speedypuffs replied to your photo:
you used to use it for all your what??

Neopets!! Virtual pets!!! The other two I understand. Myspace was ugmo even when it was popular and gaia is for geeks.  But!! Neopets!!!!

You’re such a nerd.

1. What is your first name? Mia
2. What is your favorite food? Avocados
3. What high school did you go to? For the longest? Star City High School
4. What is your favorite color? Green
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Stephen Amell ;D
6. Favorite drink? Water
7. Dream vacation? Shopping in Paris
8. Favorite dessert? Cookie Dough Ice Cream
9. What you wanted to be when you grow up? A fairy I guess
10. What do you love most in life? TV
11. One word to describe you? Stubborn
12. Your flickr name? MiaIAm


"I’m sure you and Kiki have a lot to talk about that’s a source of great intellectual pleasure," Ollie said, getting himself an orange freezie and gnawing the plastic open into a ragged edge. "You didn’t take me from anything important. I could actually use the break. I’ve kinda been going nonstop like a goddamn wind-up toy since …" He stopped there, chewing flavoured ice up through the tube in contemplation. "Since I don’t even remember when. Since the new Deep Freeze hit the streets, I guess."

Saying that aloud made Ollie realize just how long he /had/ been pushing himself, both publicly and privately, especially with having revealed his secret identity. It hadn’t been all bad, it kept his mind off dwelling on relationship problems and it got him in better shape than he’d been for a couple years, but taking an evening off was definitely a good idea. Even his enormous stores of energy and drive were getting depleted.

"Besides, it was about time for me to have some dinner. I got myself a sandwich too." He held up a wrapped ciabatta bun, waggling it. "Roast beef and picked green beans, if you want any."

Mia gave a small nod and leaned back against her headboard. “You know if you are tired it’s ok not to do every single thing people ask you to. Like, I mean you don’t have to get involved with everything and everyone.” She said casting a look over at him as she chewed on the blue flavored ice. “I’m sure there is some happy medium you can reach.” 

She shook her head when he offered some of his sandwich, “No thanks, but you can start on my chicken noodle soup though.” Well, she wasn’t really hungry at the moment but she figured she would be eventually, and maybe the soup would make her hungry. It was much easier to gauge your apatite when there was actual food in front of you. “Do we have orange juice? I should probably have some of that. That’s good for being sick right? Vitamin C, or whatever makes you feel better.”

oodelollie replied to your post:Aw look at these two xD. I actually downloaded…

It’s so romantic how he’s inserting a finger into your ribcage. This game is creepy, Mia.

xD his finger is just clipping into the jacket, Ollie. IDK why it does that, but watches and stuff clip through it too, but it’s cute so sim me is wearing it I don’t care. It just happens.

Aw look at these two xD. I actually downloaded some expansion packs so that’s fun. But now I can’t run any of my custom content or mods so that sucks. But yeah… But at least Zach can do magic now, and he wants to be a magician. And Mia wants to run a blog. So. Pretty accurate.



As she sorted herself out on her bed, with her laptop to watch TV and movies, and Kiki of course, she picked up her phone again. 

[TXT] and don’t start freaking out or anything ok I mean srsly

Twenty-five minutes later, Ollie shows up with a fistful of freezies in varying colours and a random magazine about fancy dogs. “I brought that to entertain Kiki,” he says, pointing at the dog, who raises her head slightly and thumps her tail. “Before you start thinking I’m freaking out. Because I’m not freaking out. I’m being solicitous of our dog’s mental stimulation.”

Ollie arranges the freezies in a big mug next to Mia, steadfastly ignoring Kiki as she delicately takes a page of the magazine in her big teeth and tears a strip from it.

"Are you saying me and Kiki don’t have mentally stimulating conversations or something?" Mia said taking a blue freezie, and snatching a stray arrow off her night stand and using it to cut off the top. "I didn’t call you away from anything important did I? You can still go patrol and junk. I can manage on my own." It wasn’t like she was going to fall down and die right then and there. There was a difference between getting sick, and being sick, and she knew how to handle it either way. 


Ollie stares at her texts for a while, his phone cradled in his palm as he pauses on a fire escape behind a burned-out building in East Gary. The glow of the screen is incongruously gentle compared to the chill in the pit of his stomach that Mia’s messages leave. She’s fine, Ollie tells himself, the chant running through his head. She’s fine she’s fine it’s just a flu it’s only a flu and she’s fine.

TXT: I’ll make a great big pot of chicken and dumpling soup.

TXT: Anything else you need? If you want something cold to drink I could get you slushies. Or something to entertain you.

He’s technically only halfway into his patrol (and it’s an abbreviated one already, what with doubling his shifts to work in Gotham too), but Ollie doesn’t pause too long before he follows up with another text:

TXT: I’ll be home soon.

Mia thinks the question over, because she knows he’s probably mildly panicking and brushing  him off isn’t going to help anything. Might as well just let him help. But still she can’t actually think of anything she needs to entertain herself at the moment. 

[TXT] No, I’m cool. And no slushies. But you can get those one popcicle things! In the plastic tubes? That’d be fine.

As she sorted herself out on her bed, with her laptop to watch TV and movies, and Kiki of course, she picked up her phone again. 

[TXT] and don’t start freaking out or anything ok I mean srsly